Accuracy vs Precision in Long Range Shooting

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Accuracy vs Precision in Long Range Shooting

Accuracy and precision are both important factors to consider when it comes to long range shooting, but they refer to slightly different things.

Accuracy refers to how closely a shot hits the intended target, while precision refers to how consistently a shooter can hit the same spot on the target over multiple shots.

For long range shooting, both accuracy and precision are important factors. A shooter needs to be accurate enough to hit the intended target, but they also need to be precise in order to minimize variability in their shots and improve their overall accuracy.

In practical terms, this means that a shooter who is accurate but not precise may hit the target, but their shots may be scattered over a wider area. On the other hand, a shooter who is precise but not accurate may consistently hit the same spot, but miss the target entirely.

To be a successful long range shooter, it's important to work on both accuracy and precision through practice, proper equipment selection, and understanding the environmental factors that can affect bullet trajectory.

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