FIREARMS TRAINING is an exceptional firearms training academy that started with a specialization in long-range firearms skills for civilians and law enforcement. It has now grown into a full fledged firearms training academy that is Idaho Peace Officer Standards Training Certified which is no small deal. 

We offers a comprehensive range of firearms training courses from absolute beginner to ultra-advanced levels to help individuals develop their shooting skills. Our courses include beginner to advanced courses in pistol and AR-type platforms, shotguns, and precision rifles. 

Whether you are a law enforcement professional or civilian looking to keep your family and you safe we can work with you to develop exceptional skills. 

We deliver courses in environments appropriate to the student, adjusting as necessary to build their skills and confidence. Our 13 year track record speaks to the effectiveness of our programs.

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From long-range rifle shooting to close-quarters combat (CQB) and defensive pistol training, Rangetech has established itself as a leading provider of firearms training for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

One of many advantages of the Rangetech rifle school is its focus on quality knowledge delivery in small classes with a maximum instructor ratio of 1-4. That means we can offer a flexible schedule which meets your needs and offer personalized training with a focus on you the individual student, and not on a herd of 30 students. 

This means we can develop your skills much faster as you will not be waiting for everyone to catch up or being left behind. 

Firearms training requires a unique set of skills and knowledge, and Rangetech has developed a reputation for excellence in this area. Through expert instruction and cutting-edge equipment, students can develop the skills they need to shoot accurately at long distances, or short ranges, making them highly effective marksmen.

In addition to long-range rifle shooting, also offers courses in AR-15 platforms, CQB and defensive pistol training. These courses are designed to provide individuals with the professional level skills they need to defend themselves in close-quarters combat situations such as home invasions or in the line of duty as Law Enforcement.

Our Patrol Officer Rifle Courses provide students with critical skills to shoot like marksmen out to 600 yards if deemed necessary for your operating environment, fully utilize your weapon sights, and apply combat/federal law enforcement level training. This means you will excel beyond what local agency LE is trained to. 

Students learn how to move effectively, identify and, engage targets quickly and accurately, and react to changing circumstances, all while maintaining a high level of situational awareness.

Another unique aspect of Rangetech is its commitment to the "BLUF" style of instruction. BLUF stands for "bottom line up front," and it is a teaching style that emphasizes the most critical information first. This approach helps students quickly grasp the most important concepts and skills, making them more effective learners.

Overall, Rangetech is an outstanding rifle and firearms training school that offers a comprehensive range of shooting courses to help individuals develop their skills.

Whether you're a professional looking to improve your marksmanship or an enthusiast interested in learning how to shoot to be a more ethical hunter, Rangetech has something to offer.

With expert instruction, cutting-edge equipment, and a commitment to the BLUF teaching style, Rangetech is a top choice for anyone looking to develop their shooting skills.

 Our firearms instructors are individuals who provide training on the safe and effective use of firearms. We have worked for law enforcement agencies, military organizations, private security firms, and occasionally as independent contractors.

Our primary responsibility is to teach you proper handling, shooting, and maintenance techniques. This includes educating students on firearms safety rules, marksmanship, and legal issues related to the use of firearms.

Our firearms instructors can also provide specialized training in tactical shooting, self-defense, and use of force for Law Enforcement or Military.

In addition to technical skills, our firearms instructors also possess strong communication and teaching abilities. They are effectively communicators of complex concepts to students of all skill levels, provide constructive feedback helping students improve their shooting abilities.

Overall, our firearms instructors play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals who own and use firearms do so in a safe and responsible manner. #firearms #instructors #idaho #montana #utah #washington