AR/Carbine Interdiction Course for Law Enforcement/Military

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This course will seek to bring Law Enforcement officers (LEO) and military to a new level of accuracy and ability to deliver accurate shots at distances beyond what typical agency training provides. 

Target engagements will range from 10 meters to 550 meters with AR-15 style platforms. The course will cover shooting long range from various positions with the least used position being prone. The focus will be on improvised stabilization, compromised shooting positions, use of slings, and ammo selection. 

Once you have booked this course we recommend you contact instructors to discuss weapon platform set-up and optics. We have specialty optics available to you at LE discounted rates if needed. All recommended optics have been thoroughly tested and found to offer the most cost effective and easily deployable options for Law Enforcement and military specific scenarios. These will allow LEOs and Military to engage at the above mentioned distances with speed, accuracy, and lethality. 

This is a one to two day course depending on the size of the attending group. 


We believe this is course is essential for LEOs and military operators, especially considering the current threat to our brethren.

We will do everything we can to make this course available and cost effective for your agency.