Who and where we are.

INSTRUCTORS: With a combined professional experience of over 100 years in long range shooting, overseas deployment, law enforcement, and special forces  we bring much to the table with our long range rifle, hunting, and tactical courses. 

J- With a background in special forces and police both specializing in precision rifles, swat, and anti-terrorism our first Canadian instructor has had such serious assignments as protecting international dignitaries... He also has extensive experience working with Law Enforcement, military special forces, and general forces. As well, he also has extensive experience teaching civilians. J has had such notable achievements as making first round hits at a mile with a .308 before any technological gadgets were available to calculate elevation, windage, etc..

Our second instructor Mike has 28 years of experience with all types of firearms, 13 years as a Corrections Officer at a Maximum security prison known to be the most dangerous facility in Canada. Here he handled firearms multiple times per day, received crossed rifles with Maple Leaf and Crossed Pistols with Maple leaves nearly every year of his career for shooting perfect scores on the issued weapons. He received a rare accommodation for preventing an escape. 

He has been teaching since 2011 and has taught many people from 7 years old to 70. He is a former member of the Canadian Forces where he spent much of that time instructing 12-18 year olds in precision shooting in order for them to attend national and regional matches. With a large amount of knowledge in current technological advances  in long range shooting, firearms, optics, and techniques he rounds out our experience base. He also does product testing and evaluation for a myriad of  firearm and optic companies. Some of these tests are posted to YouTube under Rangetech in order to supply the public with a non-biased review. 


Our third instructor has operational time overseas and extensive law enforcement experience. 

Our fourth instructor is a former military and law enforcement instructor with over thirty years experience. 

We have access to instructors for just about any need so reach out if you have a request. 

The only thing we lack is attitude... we check that at the door.

Expect to have a very challenging but most importantly, enjoyable course.


Each and every product we sell is hand picked by us as we feel these are the best products available for us and you. We want you to never regret a purchase from us and we try our best to achieve this by making sure never to sell a product that isn't high quality, ultra-reliable, and has a solid manufacturer backing. This means that we only choose manufacturers that will look after you no matter what, no argument....just the way we would want to be treated.



Canadian Students: Courses are offered in or near Hope, British Columbia Canada for our Canadian students. 

US Students: Courses are currently offered near Gunnison, UT, Boise, South East Idaho, Wells and Las Vegas Nevada areas.