Who and where we are.

Professional Instructors with Veteran Military and Law Enforcement Backgrounds Here to Make You Successful at Long Range Shooting, Defense/Tactical Pistol, Close Quarters Battle, ShotGun, Self-Defense.

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We are very particular about our instructors and their ability to teach in a friendly manner so don't expect to come out and have a bunch of old crotchety army guys yelling at you. 

"The only thing we lack is attitude... we check that at the door." 

Group or Personal courses.  

INSTRUCTORS: With a combined professional experience of over 100 years in long range shooting, overseas deployment, law enforcement, and special forces  we bring much to the table with our long range rifle, hunting, and tactical courses. 

Expect to have a very challenging but most importantly, enjoyable course in which you learn a ton.




Canadian Students: Courses are offered in or near Hope, British Columbia Canada for our Canadian students. 

US Students: Courses are currently offered near Gunnison, UT, Boise, South East Idaho, Wells and Las Vegas Nevada areas.