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Late February 2024


1. This is of particular concern because the CISA systems hack could lead actors to enough information to create fires, explosions, leaks, and failures in manufacturing just as we have seen in regards to major food manufacturing companies and hubs in the past 18 months. 

2. Hackers gained access to infrastructure/power grid systems information that could possibly enable them to cause damage, outages. The North American grid is the largest mechanical device in the world and an outage would affect Canada and the USA overall.

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For great information on .224 Valkyrie barrel options for your AR-15 check out Sniper Country's information here. 224-valkyrie-barrels

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to have hidden motivations and knowledge. Take for example that CHATGPT4 is capable of mathematical gymnastics and chemistry equations even though it was not known to have been exposed to this knowledge. Truly, we are playing with fire. 

This is all great uplifting news but what does it mean to you and me? Well, I suspect that it is yet another complex part of the global machine that we can expect problems from like I stated earlier. I suspect that it will sew yet more discontent, aggression, and manipulate humanity away from our God given freedoms. It may bring about another leader like Biden, Xi, Pootin,

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that are in the market from great companies like Primary Weapon Systems in Boise, Genesis arms in Northern Idaho, and Uintah Precision out of northern Utah. These are just a few of the crazy cool manufacturers we ran into this year. 

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Leupold Authorized Dealer, Leupold Mark 4, Leupold Mark 5HD, Mark 4HD -

The Leupold Mark 4HD scope has finally done something that Leupold was dumb not to do in the first place and that is to use the tried and true 35mm scope tube! It has been a total pain in everyones' posteriors to be searching for 35mm rings and unimounts to make a 35mm tube work. They're usually much more expensive to mount too. 

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