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long range shooting in winter, preparing your ar-15 for cold conditions, stop rust on your firearms, stop rust on your pocket knife, winter shooting -

If you're going to shoot or hunt in the winter you'll need to do these steps to prepare your firearms, knives, and other equipment.

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bit coin new software, crumbing US dollar, crypto currency steps it up, ethereum -

positive side it may allow less expensive transactions, but on the negative side it allows much more abuse of the financial systems and a risk to the US dollar and global economics. This means problems with everything from shipping,


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battle belt, best everyday carry belt, Blue Alpha Belts, Blue Alpha EDC belt, Blue Alpha IWB belt, carry belt, CCW belt, defensive pistol instruction, every day carry belt, gun belt, how to carry concealed, protecting your family, Spartan Mode Knife Defense, Tops Knives -

The belt must provide that support and the Blue Alpha EDC/IWB belt with Cobra buckle does just that. A sub one second draw from concealment and accurate first rounds on target are possible with this belt, with proper instruction, and proper training. 

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Best Value Scope, First Focal Plane, First Focal Plane Scope, First Focal Plane vs Second Focal Plane, how to select a scope, Leupold, Leupold Mark 5, Leupold Mark 5 review, Mark 5 5-25, Mark 5 review, Mark 5hd, Mark 5hd review, Mil Based Scopes, Pr2-Mil Reticle, Precision Rifle scope selection -

I see the Leupold Mark 5HD lineup as filling many gaps left by other scope lineups. The simple things like the relocated windage zero mark, top tier sailing accuracy, crystal clear glass with no chromatic aberration and minimal parallax. The scope also boasts 120 MOA of elevation adjustment, a 56mm

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Drop in Trigger for Ruger Precision Rifle, Long range shooting, Precision rifle build, Precision Rifle Drop in Trigger, Ruger Precision Rifle Drop in Trigger, The Firearms blog, triggertech, Triggertech Diamond Trigger Review, Triggertech Review -

ergo AR styled platform fit well; the full handguard assembly complete with or without rail allowed for night vision; and, all for way under what it cost to build out a custom rifle. Pretty soon aftermarket barrels appeared, scope rails with more slant showed up...but no aftermarket triggers

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