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Temperature Variables long range shooting how to solve greater difference in velocity because the rifle and ammo were allowed to sit in the freezing temperatures before I shot the rifle. Clearly shot number 1 demonstrates a significant drop

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I have even looked at buying other suppressors only to return to Mission Silencers again and again. This is my favorite design for its light weight, compactness, and versatility. I also like the sound profile the best. 

I now own several of them and love using them. Like, is not strong enough of a word to describe how much I appreciate having them now, especially as an instructor offering firearms training year after year since 2011. I

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  1. Optics: Long-range shooters typically use high-quality scopes with variable magnification to spot and engage distant targets accurately. The scope's reticle should be designed for long-range shooting, and features such as parallax adjustment and elevation/windage turrets are crucial.

  2. Ballistics Knowledge: Understanding ballistics is essential for hitting targets at extended ranges. This includes knowing the trajectory, wind drift, and other environmental factors that affect the bullet's path.

  3. Range Estimation: Accurate estimation of the target's distance is crucial. Rangefinders are commonly used to measure distances to the target, and a good knowledge of the terrain can help with range estimation.

  4. Environmental Factors: Wind speed and direction, temperature, altitude, and humidity all influence the bullet's trajectory. Skilled long-range shooters learn to account for these factors to make accurate shots.

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we believe that Law Enforcement and Military Snipers should be taught to improved standards. #firearmstraining #postcertified 

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One of the most concerning things about a war with China, Russia, and Iran, is that its widely accepted that the first thing they will do is take out our power grid via high altitude EMP from satellites or nuclear device, Cyber Attacks, or ground attacks on sub stations. With so many illegals having entered into the USA in the last year and a half it could be any of these attacks. 

Any way you look at it, we are in for a hurting when/if this happens so we all need to be looking at how to be more self-sufficient across the board for at least a year.

This means preparing our own food and supplying all our own needs. 

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