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Cleaning a rifle barrel the right way will leave your barrel lasting for years while also maintaining its precision. Most rifle barrels have short lives because of improper care and maintenance. Kreiger Barrels tells their customers to follow a break in pattern which we also recommend and here's the tools you need to do it right.

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For great information on .224 Valkyrie barrel options for your AR-15 check out Sniper Country's information here. 224-valkyrie-barrels

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The Springfield Echelon is also highly customizable with its removable backstrap sizes. The grip ergonomics are also very very good fitting the average hand positively and completely making filling any gabs rather intuitive. --a huge plus in our books which makes offering our pistol and tactical firearms training

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Temperature Variables long range shooting how to solve greater difference in velocity because the rifle and ammo were allowed to sit in the freezing temperatures before I shot the rifle. Clearly shot number 1 demonstrates a significant drop

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