Springfield Echelon --The initial feel.

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Springfield Echelon --The initial feel.

Before I get into this short short write up on the Echelon and why I think one might be in your future too let me say that both of the Echelons we own as a group were bought with our own money. 

They are both great guns right out of the box. Super slick slides, beautiful finishes, great positive texture without being so grippy that your clothes are grabbing on to them. --my one and only concern with my M&P 2.0 pistols by the way. You could exfoliate your feet with an M&P 2.0. lol 

The Springfield Echelon is also highly customizable with its removable backstrap sizes. The grip ergonomics are also very very good fitting the average hand positively and completely making filling any gabs rather intuitive. --a huge plus in our books which makes offering our pistol and tactical firearms training that much easier. Our students are gonna love this gun hands down. It's only the second gun that's made us want to become an FFL dealer and we probably will at some point soon because of Springfield Armory and Primary Weapons Systems here in Idaho. 

Springfield Armory's Echelon, Hellion Bullpup 556 Rifles, and Carbon Fiber barreled Waypoint rifles are outstanding options for anyone out there ready to tread the forward line of civilian firearm systems. Springfield has knocked multiple hits out of the park with these. 

Back to the Echelon now that I've drooled over some of our next purchases. The Echelon trigger is a thing of beauty. I am kind of a trigger snob too so when I say this I feel like I can say it with some authority. I run Triggertech triggers in ALL of my rifles except two which are Tikkas. And, so I am spoiled. My Glock 48 has a customized trigger setup which I did a review on several years ago. You can see that here. But that required extra work and a slight added cost of $75 approximately. And, although it was an easy upgrade it was still an extra slightly hidden cost. 

So, when I get something as bizarre looking as the Echelon 9mm with its extended threaded barrel in my hands and I get past the weird alien looks of it I am even more impressed. 

The downside is that now I need to buy a suppressor for it. --without spoiling the surprise we are buying a PWS pistol suppressor. They are made here in Idaho and their craftsmanship is amazing. 

So, go look at the Springfield Echelon, feel it in your hands, drool over its features, rack the slide, try that flat faced trigger, and you tell me what you like or don't like about it. 

After you buy it reach out about one or all of our firearms training courses and come see what personalized, high quality, and come see how we make exceptional shooters out of averages Joes and average Janes. 


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