CISA HACK February 2024: Critical Concerns for North American Security and Life

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CISA HACK February 2024: Critical Concerns for North American Security and Life

Hi everyone that follows along on my occasional blog posts. I have decided that I will start posting crucial to know tidbits of news on here with a very quick run down on WHY these issues are important to know. 


Foreign Hackers entered several of CISA's systems which contain information on dangerous chemical storage and manufacturing systems in North America; as well, they gained more valuable information on infrastructure systems in North America.


Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)


Late February 2024



1. This is of particular concern because the systems hacked could lead actors to enough information to create fires, explosions, leaks, and failures in manufacturing just as we have seen in regards to major food manufacturing companies and hubs in the past 18 months. 

2. Hackers gained access to infrastructure/power grid systems information that could possibly enable them to cause damage, outages. The North American grid is the largest mechanical device in the world and an outage would affect Canada and the USA overall.

Worst case scenario:

Should the grid go down entirely repairs and a BLACK START would be required taking months or years.

Best Case Scenario: Should the damage be limited to certain areas disruptions to shipping, supply chains, heating and cooling for homes, no fuel available at fuel stations, hospitals eventually shut down, etc, etc..

What you can do: 

Be prepared with extra fuel, have water and fuel for three months on hand at home (does not take up too much space if done correctly);

Have an alternate communications plan for your family like Bau Feng radios in each vehicles and with each person and training to use them;

Have your vehicles stocked with get home gear;

Have pre-set meeting places in case of emergency such as a pick up location;

EDIT: At the suggestion of a SWAT medic I am adding the following suggestion for safety too. 

Please be aware that with the current threats something as simple as cutting off the welfare system could lead to rioting and runs on food suppliers. Be aware. Stay out of high traffic areas like this when/if situations dictate. 

I have literally seen a girl drive in between five cops with guns drawn on an individual at her work so she wouldn't be late...stupidity seems to reign these days. Don't become part of the problem. Don't become a victim. Mind your own business.

If all falls down you can only help yourself and your family hopefully.  

There's really too many preparations to list here...and it would only overwhelm readers if I listed them all. 

Additional Preparations for those living within 30 miles of chemical plants: 

Industrial Grade Chemical Masks:


Be aware that cars with mobile wifi connections are at risk of being hacked too. 

Be aware of highways could become choke points with out of gas vehicles and irate people who are unprepared. Stop for no one. 

Running generators at home during a long term power outage is a sure fire way of becoming a target. --You need to stay off the radar. 

Isolating is a bad idea. Don't hole up in your house if community gatherings are happening to plan responses. --Be involved and be part of the solution for your local area and keep your finger on all information coming in. 



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