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  1. Optics: Long-range shooters typically use high-quality scopes with variable magnification to spot and engage distant targets accurately. The scope's reticle should be designed for long-range shooting, and features such as parallax adjustment and elevation/windage turrets are crucial.

  2. Ballistics Knowledge: Understanding ballistics is essential for hitting targets at extended ranges. This includes knowing the trajectory, wind drift, and other environmental factors that affect the bullet's path.

  3. Range Estimation: Accurate estimation of the target's distance is crucial. Rangefinders are commonly used to measure distances to the target, and a good knowledge of the terrain can help with range estimation.

  4. Environmental Factors: Wind speed and direction, temperature, altitude, and humidity all influence the bullet's trajectory. Skilled long-range shooters learn to account for these factors to make accurate shots.

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Long range shooting is one of those intersections of science, skill, and art.  It’s hard enough on a flat range, but when done in high winds and from different positions, the difficulty level ramps up.  A lot of the skills used in long range shooting can be honed with decent gear and enough practice, but there is nothing like a solid foundation to build upon.  That is where training like that offered by RangeTech comes in.  Recently, I had the opportunity to experience a one on one long range training course with Mike from RangeTech.  I picked up some great...

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US OPTICS has been around for a lot of years, in a lot of nasty places, where most people wouldn't dare to travel. US OPTICS scopes have also been the reason behind a lot of smiles whether it be that prize buck harvested or that Precision Rifle Series Match that the competitor just podium finished in. And there's a reason for this; actually, quite a few reasons. US Optics has the experience and the know how combined with crazy quality control that ensures each and every scope from their TS series through their B-series premiere scopes is set up right....

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Ruger's lineup of Precision Rifles is growing at an amazing rate with unprecedented success and here's why. From the perspective of an instructor of nearly ten years I have watched students fight to get comfortable on everything from hunting rifles to custom built long range rigs. It's rare that I see a properly set up rifle at the start of a course. There is usually some adjustments to be made which involve taking the rifle apart, or in the worst case scenario the student must proceed with an ill fitting rifle. But not so with the RPR rifles. I have yet to see a student not have the rifle be able to be easily set up to them and their particular needs. Students from 5' to 6'5" tall have used our rental rifles and the RPR is their favorite because it's comfortable, deadly accurate, and lacks nothing.

From a personal point of view I also enjoy owning several Ruger Precision Rifles in 6.5 Creedmoor, .338 Lapua, and even a .22LR version which my family and students love. They're all super accurate with proper ammo. I have had several particularly good results over the years with one being a 5" 3 three shot group at 1605 yards with the RPR and a second round hit on an IPSC sized target at 2834 yards.

About the only things you need to do to make these rifles shoot dead nuts accurate is take the bolts out, put blue loctite on the threads, and retorque to proper specs. (This is the same for any rifle) And if you really want to make these rifles shoot like a custom built gun put a Terminator TT on your 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 300 PRC, or a Terminator TF on your 338 and 300 Win mag versions. The results in recoil reduction are amazing. Don't believe the hype about Terminator brakes? That's ok. Go to Terminator Products on YouTube and see for yourself.

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