What Do Professionals Think About Rangetech's Training?

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What Do Professionals Think About Rangetech's Training?

Long range shooting is one of those intersections of science, skill, and art.  It’s hard enough on a flat range, but when done in high winds and from different positions, the difficulty level ramps up.  A lot of the skills used in long range shooting can be honed with decent gear and enough practice, but there is nothing like a solid foundation to build upon.  That is where training like that offered by RangeTech comes in.  Recently, I had the opportunity to experience a one on one long range training course with Mike from RangeTech.  I picked up some great skills and techniques, and learned how to best utilize my gear on another level.

Who/what is RangeTech, you might be asking?  RangeTech consists of a small instructor cadre that combines military and law enforcement experience in both short and long range shooting, and provides detailed instruction to smaller class sizes.


You can read it for yourself right here. https://www.outdoorhub.com/reviews/2021/06/22/rangetech-long-range-training-review/ 




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