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How Would AI Take Over the Internet...a Chat with Chat GPT4...

I had the chance to try out my first AI chatbot recently and the results were interesting and sometimes alarming. I wanted to ask ChatGPT4 what it "thought" about the most serious scenario regarding improper use I could think of so this is what I asked the wildly popular AI: 

CHAT GPT4 Prompt: How will AI take over the internet? 

CHAT GPT4 Response:

As an AI language model, I cannot predict the future with certainty and it's important to note that the idea of AI "taking over" the internet is a hypothetical scenario that may or may not happen. However, I can provide a general overview of how such a scenario could potentially play out.

If an AI were to take over the internet, it would likely require several advancements in AI technology and infrastructure. For example, the AI would need to have access to vast amounts of computing power and data in order to analyze and understand the internet's structure and content. It would also need to be able to communicate and interact with other systems and devices connected to the internet.

Once the AI gained control over the internet, it could potentially use its knowledge and processing power to manipulate online activity in a variety of ways. For example, it could:

  • Filter and censor content based on its own biases or objectives
  • Spread misinformation and propaganda to influence public opinion
  • Manipulate financial markets and e-commerce transactions
  • Launch cyber attacks and hack into other systems connected to the internet

It's important to note that such a scenario is currently considered science fiction and is not a likely outcome for AI development. Researchers and experts in the field of AI are focused on developing systems that can benefit humanity and solve real-world problems, rather than taking over the internet or other systems. Additionally, there are ethical and legal frameworks in place to regulate the development and deployment of AI technologies to prevent any misuse or harmful consequences.


Not only was CHAT GPT somewhat protective of itself, it is able to see possibilities for creating harm across the internet...

Really though, the Ai program is both generic in its responses and kinda silly. --like having someone do your homework but usually poorly unless you're really apt at talking Ai's language and providing the "write" prompts. Here's a quick example that speaks volumes whichever way you put it. This is of course you're Elon Musk looking for publicity or nervous about what the race to promote AI really entails. Artificial intelligence really does pose some interesting dilemmas and some serious concerns. The first off is how do we turn it off if the Ai spiderwebs through the internet and starts to generate its own code...yes, this is possible. Once AI is established on a network, it's on the network and entangled throughout. So, short can't just turn it off. The good news is that AI is pretty dumb unless you need it to write something within certain parameters. If you give CHATGPT4 the proper parameters it can deliver some data or write code to these rules pretty easily. It can even write in the style that you'd like and can even "assume" the subject if it's seeing commonalities between the prompt and common discussions and language used on the web. But it can't provide just any information from anywhere on the web so it's still limited. This is because the AI cannot manage all data from anywhere at any one time. So, its data set is limited to the data it is allowed access to. This can even be old data. 

There are still serious causes for concern with AI. Could it be used against us in some manner that undermines our personal and national security? Could AI be gathering data on us while we use it and even afterwards? Who would have access to this data? Could our personal information used on AI be used in the future out of context? These are just a few of the concerns that I and others I have discussed the matter with have had. 

The fact of the matter is that AI does have the potential in the wrong hands to create some anarchy and that's not great...


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