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I see the Leupold Mark 5HD lineup as filling many gaps left by other scope lineups. The simple things like the relocated windage zero mark, top tier sailing accuracy, crystal clear glass with no chromatic aberration and minimal parallax. The scope also boasts 120 MOA of elevation adjustment, a 56mm

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Ruger Custom Shop 6mm Creedmoor in the Wild.     We’ve all heard or read the same same introductions to gun related products. They are literally same same every flippin’ time. I stopped reading them and I stopped trusting these fabricated reviews and infomercials for the fact that they are bought, generic, and typically dishonest. I can’t stand them, so I avoid them. This is not one of those reviews and neither are any of my reviews. --Go see for yourself on my YouTube Channel Rangetech North America (<<LINK) OR stay here and read what I have to say about the Ruger...

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