US OPTICS SCOPES --Tools for the professional, the hunter, and the competitor.

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US OPTICS has been around for a lot of years, in a lot of nasty places, where most people wouldn't dare to travel. US OPTICS scopes have also been the reason behind a lot of smiles whether it be that prize buck harvested or that Precision Rifle Series Match that the competitor just podium finished in. And there's a reason for this; actually, quite a few reasons. US Optics has the experience and the know how combined with crazy quality control that ensures each and every scope from their TS series through their B-series premiere scopes is set up right. If it isn't or if you damage your scope they are there to help you out quickly. 

For two seasons we at Rangetech have put our reputation behind US OPTICS as a company and as a group that we support. We and our students have had much success with US OPTICS and they are really starting to catch on. 

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