LMT Defense Rifles

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LMT Defense Rifles

For ten years now I have relied on LMT Defense as my sole supplier of black sporting rifles. They have never let me down. I use LMT Defense rifles as protection for my family, for camping trips, for hunting, and just for plain ol' plinking. --if you call nailing a target at 1240 yards with a 16" AR-15 plinking that is!

To say that LMT Defense makes accurate rifles is an understatement. With accuracy so good it's pretty much undefinable by standard means; meaning bug hole groups with match ammo....you just stop measuring group sizes and get down to business. 

The rifles deliver on every level and no matter the situation they are my go to from apocalypse to truck gun for weekend camping trips. And now they are rapidly replacing my precision bolt guns when I really want to stretch out

Everything about the rifles says precision from the .3 clicks necessary to zero the US OPTICS B-17 scope to the LMT MWS rifle to the laser beam accuracy of their .224 Valkyrie barrel with it's ability to hit 6" targets all day long at 1000 yards. LMT is the leader in black rifles for the civilian to the CIA contractor. Get some. 

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