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Ruger Custom Shop 6mm Creedmoor in the Wild.     We’ve all heard or read the same same introductions to gun related products. They are literally same same every flippin’ time. I stopped reading them and I stopped trusting these fabricated reviews and infomercials for the fact that they are bought, generic, and typically dishonest. I can’t stand them, so I avoid them. This is not one of those reviews and neither are any of my reviews. --Go see for yourself on my YouTube Channel Rangetech North America (<<LINK) OR stay here and read what I have to say about the Ruger...

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Check out either of the following links to Rumble Information or YouTUBE link for a short video on this crucial product  

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Defensive knife course for when you can't get to your self-defense sidearm. Adam Boyce Spartan Mode

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The USA is burning bridges with Russia and making things worse for the world, USA, Russia, and Europe. Simple, re-adjustments of scope are needed to realize a future peaceful world.

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