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Two things destroy good instruction when it comes to firearms instruction. The first is poor cocky attitude from an instructor and the second is lack of real world experience.  An instructor who lacks humility does not do a good job. And the instructor who comes straight out of the military probably lacks the interpersonal skills needed to work with the public.  When one is working with an instructor it's generally more benificial to find an instructor who has been a cop or federal agent because they've worked in and with the public. They've also got a better knowledge of how...

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LMT DEFENSE, Long range shooting, Terminator TT, Triggertech, US OPTICS -

Over the past years many companies have popped up and started making AR style rifles but none has met the standards and quality of the LMT Defense line up of rifles. These rifles provide match grade accuracy the same as any bolt action long range rifle but in small semi-auto rifle form. Their striving to put the best rifle out there has allowed me to personally set records with their rifles by shooting off the tripod with a hog saddle to an IPSC target at 2260 yards for multiple hits. The same rifle allowed me to get a 1st, 2nd,...

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Hellfire Muzzle Brake, Long range shooting,, Terminator Muzzle Brakes -

I have personally seen my shooting and that of my students greatly improve with the addition of a Terminator muzzle brake to whatever rifle they are shooting because their rifles became so much more manageable and smooth shooting that they no longer flinched. They are also able to see impacts on or off target and make corrections easier. 

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