Challenger Long Range Course for beginner long range shooters.

  • $625.00

 Challenger Long Range Rifle class


CANADIAN STUDENTS email for booking in CAD dollars and payment will be accepted by Transfer in order to save you money. 

We ask that our US customers pay for courses via certified check or money order whenever possible. 

-Price is per student, Maximum Four students per class Maximum 5/1 Instructor Ratio

-One day intro. class.

Course Material includes:

  • Prone shooting
  • Use of a MIL/MIL, MOA/MOA, MIL/MOA, FFP, SFP, Rifle Scopes
  • Rifle set up and chronograph data. 
  • Breathing and fundamentals of long range shooting "Fire C.A.R.D."  -Long for range for dummies
  • Reading wind and accounting for conditions.
  • Shooter/Spotter communications
  • Basic Ballistics and selecting a cartridge for your specific needs-avoiding the hype.
  • Use of a ballistics computer
  • Rifle Maintenance
  • Selecting basic equipment
  • Includes rental rifle (For US Students Only)

Students are expected to provide 100 RDS of precision ammo and a rifle capable of shooting sub MOA **Equipment lists vary according to season and will be provided once a student has paid their deposit. All students in the challenger level course receive a waterproof notebook that is theirs to keep. Please Note: Rental Rifles equipped with terminator Muzzle brakes and ammo are available for a fee