Precision Rifle (Level 2 Advanced Mountain)

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CANADIAN STUDENTS email for booking in CAD dollars and payment will be accepted by Transfer in order to save you money. 

We ask that our US customers pay for courses via certified check or money order whenever possible. 

 Locations include:

Rexburg, ID

Hope, British Columbia

Salmon, Idaho

Central Alberta (Private Ranch)

Nordeg, Alberta (Rocky Mountains)

Boise, ID 

-Price is per student, maximum 2 students per Instructor.  Up to 4 students per class. Ammo and rifle extra.

This is a very extensive course which combines advanced positional shooting with aspects of reloading and ultra distance shooting. Our main instructor was making 1 mile shots with a .308 before there was ever a ballistic computer.  Besides a decade of experience our secondary instructor has an extensive knowledge of modern ballistic solvers and long range equipment available to civilians. We will also discuss new methods for solving difficult wind in difficult steep terrain. 

-Two day class

  • High Angle Shooting level A
  • Positional Shooting level A
  • Advance theory of ballistics
  • Improvised shooting 350M-1200M
  • Extended Long Range Shooting 1200-2000+ meters 
  • Unknown Multiple Distance Shoot
  • Shooting in challenging terrain.
  • Reloading for maximum accuracy.
  • Forster Reloading Equipment will be on hand for the reloading portion of these classes.
  • 10-11 hour days, not including travel time.

**This class requires a different set of equipment from our Challenger class so a detailed list will be sent out upon booking. 

This class is very intensive in subject material so expect two very long but very enjoyable days.

*** We tailor to your needs in this class; so whether you want the class more focused on extreme long range, or reloading,  or positional shooting, or hunting, we've got you covered and will customize to your needs.

These classes will ultimately lead to you saving money on bad purchases or missed shots