What's missing from your preparedness gear

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What's missing from your preparedness gear

No one is safe these days so it seems. Antifa fascists and BLM Marxists have ruined cities and taken lives through murder, assault, the destruction of businesses, and through taking away people's ability to live their lives in peace. Truly a sad situation and all it took was for one drugged out convict who threatened to shoot a pregnant woman in the stomach to incite the masses. Austin, Texas has turned into Detroit overnight and what's truly frightening is how little people really know about what went on down there. Take for example the fact that police barely stopped Antifa/BLM thugs from bringing in Mogadishu style gun trucks and snipers. These thugs fully intended to take as many lives as possible. And, it's not just there or Detroit. This is happening in so many cities across the nation that we're losing track of the numbers. Even, the college town of Provo, Utah just a few hours from us suffered a shooting as an innocent man just tried to drive down the street. 

And, I expect there's much more to come in the near future. Intel off the street indicates that these murderous thugs are now targeting individuals they figure are armed. That means if you find yourself in the middle of these riots you could become the target of a shooting or any other kind of improvised weapons attack. I for one have seen these idiots in the strangest places, like out in the middle of nowhere, Montana. They're like rats polluting and excreting their crap across this great country. And, at some point in the probably near future you too might run across a few by some chance. 

So, I ask you this. Are you really prepared? DO YOU have your ducks in a row? Will you be like the nine virgins with lamps only half full? Or will you be fully prepared, educated and trained, with the right mindset? Do you own thirty guns but not know how to use any of them really well?

Now is definitely the time to get trained if you haven't started already. Book now for your personal or private group course. 


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