Corona Life

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Corona Life

Life in segregation. What else can one say? And what can one do to get by and stay sane when you're a hunter, outsdoorsperson, fisherman, and so on? 

After spending an amazing amount of time and energy on school over the winter semester and driving myself nuts with cabin fever I was able to get out again and do some shooting, ahem, I mean hiking, ahem exercising, I mean social distancing. 

It was awesome! No one around and no one dares come near. Everyone looking at each other like we're all walking dead zombie virus piles. Speaking of which how does that work? How do you get slobbered all over by zombies but not get sick? How do zombies walk .2 miles per hour but magically appear in droves and surround your car? And what it the best anti-zombie gun? Is it a crossbow? Won't your bolts be covered in hazardous zombie brain goo? Can you even reuse the bolt after and where do I get one of those never ending quivers of bolts? Do they sell them in Walmart next to the toilet paper? 

Speaking of toilet paper, ours is locked down like Fort Knox but with more guns, three rabid dogs, and a rabid cat so don't even...think about it. lol We'll take you out from 2000 plus yards if ya get into the county. There's a reason I took up long range shooting and it wasn't for the brisk walks in the woods. 

Speaking of brisk walks I need to get myself on some more of those because the first rule of Zombieland is cardio. So, get out and exercise. 


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