What is Mil Radian?

What is Mil Radian?

A mil-radian (mil) is a unit of angular measurement that is commonly used in long range shooting and other precision applications. A mil-radian is equal to 1/1000th of a radian, or approximately 3.6 inches at 100 yards, and is often abbreviated as "mil" or "mrad."

In practical terms, a mil-radian is used to measure the angular size of a target, as well as to adjust the elevation and windage of a rifle scope. The use of mil-radians allows for precise adjustments to be made for both distance and wind, and can be used to compensate for bullet drop over long ranges.

A common use of mil-radians is in the reticles of rifle scopes, which often feature markings that correspond to the size of a target in mils. This allows the shooter to estimate the range to a target and adjust the scope accordingly. Mil-radians can also be used in conjunction with range finders and ballistic calculators to improve accuracy and precision in long range shooting.

Overall, mil-radians are an important tool for shooters who require precise and accurate measurements and adjustments, particularly in long range shooting and other precision applications.

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