Reloading for any long range shooting

Long range shooting demands precision first over anything. Precision in how we engage the rifle, precision in how we pull the trigger, and definitely in what we feed our rifles.

No matter how great and how straight the rifle or how trued the action if the ammo is not concentric you are toast. Perfectly concentric ammo is key to bullet alignment which is key to delivering that shot to the same place over and over again.

So why does this elude so many people? The answer is really quite simple. It's that they are mislead by your average sales guy or gal who sell them the latest whiz bang or the oldest piece of equipment because it's what's kicking around.

In my Advanced Long Range Course I cover the basics of precision reloading in a way that just about anyone who can operate a pencil sharpener can understand. Students go on to make amazing hits and harvests after our classes much to the shagrin of their hunting partners who get skunked.

So, if you're interested in learning how to maximize your long range shooting potential check out our Advanced Long Range Courses. You won't be disappointed.


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