Death by a thousand cuts.

Kent Maximum Security institution is an evil place. Full of murderers and rapists, kiddy didlers, and baby kills, gang bangers and hired assassins. But the worst problem there is the management. A warden who thinks she's AL Capone and a sub human set of managers who lie and fight for their yearly bonuses.

To these people the line staff are peons meant to be used and abused and then forced back to work when they aren't fit enough or even recovered from injuries. The typical injury goes like this. Line staff or CX or Corrections officer is hurt in a fight that was usually predicted by staff but allowed to proceed by management. Line staff goes off work for eye, knee, back, injuries or worse yet stabbing or what we called gassing which is where a convict throws a fetid bucket of human waste and semen in and over the nearest staff member. The staff member then goes off work and has to take a 6-12 month long cocktail prescription of anti-virus medications in order to fight off all the diseases they've been exposed to.

It's hard to say if this is the worst part of it or if the psychological scars are worse and even though it never happened to me I was still close enough to smell it and let me tell you that was too close. I could smell it for months and years afterward.

This you'd think would result in the inmates or convicts as we called them being charged with attempted murder but no, mostly nothing.... The staff member would go off work and then be bullied back to work at the front gate until they were bullied out of that and into the same posting they were in during the assault.

Just a day in the life of a CX line staff at Kent Institution.

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