What You Don't Want to Know...or better put, what your leaders don't...

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What You Don't Want to Know...or better put, what your leaders don't...

In the midst of Covid lockdowns, little tidbits of information circulated through social media superstars like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most of it nonsense but, unfortunately, some of it truthful. Amidst all of it, an underlying trend, that of a crumbling global architecture that aligns our lives in one country with those in others. This has been the normal that you and I have lived, died, succeeded by or failed by. And, now it is at real risk of crumbling in real time. Covid, whether you believe it was a real risk or not was really the purveyor of things to come...soon. 

Covid in itself, was not really the most destructive force as you know. It was more the great revealer for things such as the ever present dreams of dictatorial governments around the globe. It was the testing place for societal obedience and for the very real consequences of the virus, whether you believe it was man made or not...and it was, according the former US head of intelligence. (See Sixty Minutes Australia Investigative report here) 

More so than who created it, is why. Covid acted as a catalyst for undermining economies and even the social fabrics of global societies already on the cusp of mental collapse. It was kind of the straw, you might say, that broke the camel's back. Or maybe we should call it the opportunity knocking for the uber wealthy to further abuse the middle and lower class. Businesses were shut down, but only mom and pop organizations, but not big box stores. The lower and middle class now sit in a much more compromised situation than pre-covid. 

More exciting than all so far discussed is the looming threat of a US dollar in free-fall. Current developments in our relationships with China and Russia both add to the likelihood but they aren't all that currently lurks in dark financial places. Outside of these relationships lies a technological leap forward in financial technology known as Ethereal. It is a game changer and it comprises new threats to an already taxed financial system. It is of course a new crypto currency but more so. It's functionality is leaps and bounds ahead of prior Crypto which needed to consume the energy of a small country in order to function. The new system is extremely efficient, using less than a tenth of a percent of the prior system while allowing 100,000 transactions per second, versus the prior 15-20 per second. 

Some might say that this is great news and it might ultimately be but it comes with some significant risks and an increased likelihood of abuse. On the positive side it may allow less expensive transactions, but on the negative side it allows much more abuse of the financial systems and a risk to the US dollar and global economics. This means problems with everything from shipping, to food, to fuel, to medical supplies, to your savings (in any currency), to everything really...a might bit worrying...

The system recently underwent what is being termed the Merger. This is the point where on September 5th, 2022, the newly developed high efficiency software became viable for global use. It was at this point merged with the publicly utilized system which till now was energy intensive and inefficient. 

What's concerning is that the system has potential to undermine currencies faster than a countering reaction might take place. It might also be scooped up by just about anyone with a cool twenty billion dollars sitting on the refrigerator. This sounds ludicrous to the normal guy or gal but think Twitter merger and you'll see that this is chump change today.

Any large state or fortune 500 list dweller could look at this as the opportunity of a lifetime. Think PayPal meets Godzilla meets whatever big thing you can imagine and you start to get the picture. The system is sure to net fantastic amount of money even at lower transaction fees, as numbers of transactions are orders of magnitude larger. Sort of like how Visa and Mastercard make their money but better because they are not controlled or regulated by anyone. This means a stronger, more enabled criminal, or non-state actor.

It's not just the criminal element that is absorbing the possibilities of a crypto currency though. It's the current administration who are entertaining the idea of doing away with the US dollar in exchange for a fully controllable at the much of a button crypto currency. Think Canadian Government freezes bank accounts kinda thing. If they deem it not necessary for you to buy something you can't buy it. That's it and that's scary. 

What it means to you is that your bank account and any cash you might hold is at risk. At anytime, the global currency could be collapsed by this hyper-efficient new crypto by anyone tech savvy enough and we know that certain powers have the manpower that we don't over here.

We personally appreciate our freedom of choice here and see this as a pretty significant threat that is being brought to the forefront very likely on purpose. Current economic spending packages put even more stress on an abused economy. Financial specialists we have interviewed say things like, "...it makes no sense...it's insanity...". --these are company managers and analysts that run the background for large investor portfolios such as state wide credit unions.   

The problem is further amplified by the tantalizing allure the new system holds. Looked on by many as a cure all for an ailing over leveraged US dollar many may embrace it without fully examining the costs to personal freedoms; and, many others may look at it as the opportunity of a lifetime to fully exploit humanity's freedoms one last time. 

Should this come to be, and I hope it doesn't, the push back would be enormous but largely futile. Economic problems are rarely solved effectively with force. In fact, they are generally made worse for a time...after all, Rome wasn't built in a day...and neither was the USA. 

Luckily, for us, we have an even bigger problem on the horizon...China and Russia. The threat of a direct conflict between us and them looms large...


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