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The Essentials of Long Range Shooting

Long range shooting hasn't really changed that much since its inception. The basics are still the same; ie. position, trigger, etc.. What has changed is the way we solve gathering data. The old term DOPE, or Data On Previous Engagement is no more useful than a BDC reticle for a 7MM on a .308. Both are a lot of work to get the same results that can be quickly gathered with tools like the Magnetospeed chronographs and a Kestrel Applied Ballistics unit.

Once you've zeroed, took a velocity reading, and fed the Kestrel with the necessary data via your smart phone you are pretty much ready to shoot about any reasonable distance. But, you say you want to shoot ultra long range? The Kestrel has got you covered there too. Simply follow the Kestrel's built in drop compensation distance, fire a couple of shots and make the corrections; the Kestrel does the rest. Not sure you have an accurate muzzle velocity and can't afford a Magnetospeed? The Kestrel 5700 Elite has you covered there too. Find a target at the distance suggested by the Kestrel for you particular load and shazam you have your corrected muzzle velocity. It's long range made easy.

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