Mission Silencers Long Range Suppressor -Dual Functionality Unsurpressed

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Mission Silencers Long Range Suppressor -Dual Functionality Unsurpressed

Now, I have known the engineer behind Mission silencers for around 6 -7 years now and in that span of time I have not lost my enthusiasm for his designs and innovations. I have even looked at buying other suppressors only to return to Mission Silencers again and again. This is my favorite design for its light weight, compactness, and versatility. I also like the sound profile the best. 

I now own several of them and love using them. Like, is not strong enough of a word to describe how much I appreciate having them now, especially as an instructor offering firearms training year after year since 2011. It gets really old wearing earmuffs in hot summer weather. Being able to hear my surroundings is also key for safety in a lot of the shooting environments we train our students in. For law enforcement this is key to safe operations. 

But as a long range shooter what really buzzes my bullet is seeing <MOA down to zero impact shift on targets as far away as a mile. This is of course dependent on barrel design to some extent. For example, my 24" .224 LMT Defense barrel shows 1MOA/.3Mil vertical shift downwards because of the thinner barrel contour being ever so slightly deflected by the 12.5 ounces of suppressor and Griffin Arms Dual Locking adapter setup. (Another Favorite of ours) When I add the suppressor to my .308 or my AR pistol I see zero impact shift. 

It's also particularly interesting to see only a difference of <10fps increased velocity from adding the suppressor. Technically speaking, I don't even need to run a new gun profile for long range shooting with the .224 as a result. (just remember to hold an extra .3Mil and go.) 

All told, this makes running a suppressor so easy and life so much calmer than being pummeled by the back blast of a muzzle brake. Mission Silencers are our go to at Rangetech.us and we'd suggest giving them a call to set up a demo shoot. --You won't NOT be impressed! 

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