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Long Overdue Training for Law Enforcement Snipers Needed. -Coming Soon!

Firearms training for law enforcement and military snipers has been long overdue for updates and modernization which is what we at have set out to improve. With modern threats evolving we believe that Law Enforcement and Military Snipers should be taught to improved standards. #firearmstraining #postcertified 

With so much open the line these days between threats at home and abroad law enforcement snipers and military snipers have been left far behind when it comes to the new standards of long range precision shooting. With civilians far outstretching the distances that law enforcement and military snipers are achieving daily. They are also being taught outdated misnomers about sniping such as that most police snipers's shots average 79 yards. There is no supporting data log to back up this statement according to the NTOA's posting in October 2023 and they are requesting that agencies across the USA please send in what information they have regarding sniper utilization. 

The problem facing snipers today is two fold. Snipers may recognize that they are behind the curve but the training offerings afforded them are also behind the curve because they are regurgitating stale doctrine that was taught to them from an outdated system. And secondly, training organizers cannot tell the difference between a good #firearmstrainingacademy and a poor one dressed up in fancy clothes. After all, marketing can be the only thing we know when selecting an organization. 

With having spent time with members of the military and law enforcement and heard their reactions to our courses and abilities we can tell you that we deliver high value training and education. Please reach out to discuss. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

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