Kestrel Shot Timer -New Tech Improving Shot Timers

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Kestrel Shot Timer -New Tech Improving Shot Timers

The Kestrel Ballistics brand offers a shot timer accessory that can be used with their Kestrel weather meters. The Kestrel Shot Timer is designed to measure the time between shots, and is compatible with a variety of firearms.

The Kestrel Shot Timer is a small, lightweight device that uses a sensor to detect when shots are fired. The device can be set up to measure the time between shots, as well as the total time of the drill or competition. The Kestrel Shot Timer can also be used in practice mode, which allows shooters to practice their skills without the pressure of competition.

One of the benefits of the Kestrel Shot Timer is its compatibility with the Kestrel weather meters, which provide accurate environmental data such as wind speed, temperature, and humidity. This data can be used to help shooters make more informed decisions about their shooting, and adjust their technique and equipment accordingly.

Overall, the Kestrel Shot Timer is a useful accessory for shooters looking to improve their skills and track their performance over time, particularly in combination with the environmental data provided by the Kestrel weather meter.

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