Hunter/Sniper Fieldcraft Prep Course

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Law Enforcement POST Option Available

Becoming a sniper requires a significant amount of training, discipline, and practice. Snipers are highly skilled individuals who are trained to shoot accurately at long distances while remaining concealed from the enemy. The training involves learning marksmanship skills, ballistics, camouflage, observation, and communication skills.

You would then undergo rigorous physical and mental training, including marksmanship training, survival skills, and tactical training.

In addition to physical and mental training, becoming a sniper also requires the development of specific skills such as patience, discipline, and the ability to remain calm under pressure. It is important to note that snipers are only used in specific military or law enforcement operations and should not be used in any other situations. #sniper #prep #course 

 Based on Military, police, and British Special Forces Standards.

This is an evaluated competitive course for prior graduates of Rangetech's Advanced Course. 

Expect to be marked on everything from field-craft to communication. 

3.5 DAYS 

This course includes the following and more:






Immediate Actions for solving rifle malfunctions

Timed drills

Extended Stalk and evaluation

and much more. 

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