Precision Rifle Hunter Course (Level 2 Advanced Flat land)Civilian

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What it is:

This is an intensive two day hunting/safety course that will build on your primary long range skills on flat ranges to help you better understand what your round is doing in order to make you a better more humane hunter. Students will engage targets from 700 meters to well past one mile (1615 meters). 

If they apply the instruction given, students learn to engage targets at the distances stated above. But don't let the small target sizes intimidate you because you will have fine tuned your skills to hit these at the ranges we set. In the past students have made first round hits at all of these distances. If students come with the proper equipment and apply the instruction they don't miss. 

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Former student's comments are posted here: Who We Are section of the site. 

Course Material includes:

  • Prone shooting
  • Positional Shooting 
  • Use of a MIL/MIL, MOA/MOA, MIL/MOA, FFP, SFP, Rifle Scopes
  • Rifle set up and chronograph data. 
  • Breathing and fundamentals of long range shooting "Fire C.A.R.D."  -Long for range for dummies
  • Reading wind at extended long range and accounting for conditions.
  • Shooter/Spotter communications
  • Use of a ballistics computer
  • Rifle Maintenance
  • Selecting calibers and equipment for extended long range
  • Developing loads for long range 

PRICE $1250.USD (Meals and lodging not included)


Rental rifles are available upon special request. Please contact to discuss. 

Students are expected to provide minimum 100 RDS of precision ammo and a rifle capable of shooting sub 1/2 MOA **Equipment lists vary according to season and will be provided once a student has paid their deposit. All students in the challenger level course receive a waterproof notebook that is theirs to keep. Please Note: Rental Rifles equipped with terminator Muzzle brakes and ammo are available for a fee


Salmon, ID (Premier US location with private lodge, dinners, and a hot spring)

Hope, BC (This is our most Advanced shooting location to date with high winds and mountain shooting conditions that will astound you)

Nordeg, Alberta (located in the Rocky Mountains this location is picturesque and huge)

St.Anthony, Idaho (This is our most competition like course with steel out to 1200 yards)

-Price is per student, Maximum 5 students per class Maximum 5/1 Instructor Ratio