ITW TAC LINK Carabiner

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Product Description

ITW Tac Link Carabiner

A great option in conjunction with our SS Loophole Sling, or a nice carry tool for shooting pillows, gloves or eye pro cases. 


One of ITW Nexus newest releases, the Tac Link is a high strength polymer attachment device with GhillieTEX IR signature reduction technology (Tan & FG only). This product has considerable weight and cost savings over metal climbing carabiners. All of the external components are high strength molded polymer, which eliminates metal noise and paint scratches.


- GhillieTEXTM IR signature reduction technology
- Corrosion resistant stainless steel spring
- High strength polymer design
- Weight savings compared to metal carabiner
- Resistance to solar heating
- Textured grip for use with wet/gloved hands
- Large latch opening eliminates snags
- Eliminates metal-on-metal noise and paint scratches
- Use for securing tactical accessories


Berry Compliant