GNN FB-52 Ball Head

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Product Description

GNN FB-52 Ball Head


The best bang for the buck, 44 lbs load rating & 1.48 lbs overall weight.

*Includes One FREE MARC Quick Detach Plate, $40 value. The dual mounting bolt design is a superior, zero twist connection point. 


We made the FB-52 even shorter by machining off the neck of the ball head. (creating the GNN series)

This reduces damaging stress/leverage to internal parts, increases stability, & still allows for 22 degrees of elevation adjustment. Approximately 46 degrees of vertical travel total.   


The Sunwayfoto GNN FB-52 is the strongest model of the FB series ball heads. It exemplifies the customary principle of simplicity, very easy-to-carry, easy-to-operate and provides customers with stable and smooth using experience. This ballhead is exquisitely machined from T6061 aerospace grade aluminum alloy, with Type-III hard-anodized finish. Compared with other models of the same series, the GNN FB-52 has the highest load rating and largest ball joint diameter for extended service life.




Ball Diameter 52 mm / 2.05 in
Base Diameter 70 mm / 2.8 in
Height 96 mm / 3.77 in
Maximum Load Capacity 20.00 kg / 44.00 lb
Thread Size 3/8"


673g / 1.48 lb




  • Arca-Swiss QD plate compatible 38mm/1.5"
  • 52mm Ball Joint
  • 44lb Max Load
  • Bottom Thread:UNC 3/8”- 16
  • Side Tilt:22°
Material:Aluminum Alloy.
Clamp Type:Screw-knob Clamp.
Bottom Thread Hole Depth:12mm.
Super Stong aluminum housing.
Machined aluminum knobs for long term durability.
*Compatible with any 38mm/1.5" Arca style plate such as :RRS, Wimberley, Arca Swiss, Kirk Enterprises, Markins, etc.