AR/Carbine Level 3 Advanced

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This course will build on your intermediate skills, attaining a level of competence, skill, and confidence necessary to survive a serious gunfight. An expected level of physical fitness is required for this course due to the intense physical effort and mental acuity demanded by the drills and scenarios that you will work in.

The drills and physical events of this course are designed to bring the shooter as close as possible to the level of stress they may face in a gun fight. 

You should come out of this course with the skills necessary to attain a level of professionalism. 

A physical fitness assessment will be conducted on day one to ensure your level of fitness is sufficient. 

Cost of the course includes a meals when held at our Salmon, ID location but not lodging. All other locations include snacks and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the course. 

Course Schedule coming soon.