AR/Carbine Level 1 Fundamentals

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This two-day course will introduce the beginning shooter to the fundamentals of rifle/carbine manipulation and engagement. As safety is top priority, the cardinal safety rules, their reason for their existence, and the thought and care that needs to accompany each of them will be taught and reinforced throughout the course. Shooters will learn the mechanics involved in placing rounds where wanted at speed, while moving, and in compromised positions. Instruction includes actions before, during, and after lethal actions taken to save lives, interaction with law enforcement, and legal considerations. Exercises in decision-making during high stress scenarios will also be covered. 

This course will also discuss considerations for practical application in a live scenario.


Cost of the course includes a meals when held at our Salmon, ID location but not lodging. All other locations include snacks and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the course. 


***Ammo is the responsibility of the student. 


Equipment requirements: Weapon, holsters, minimum 3 magazines, 500 rounds, hearing protection, eye protection, weather appropriate clothing and gear (snivel gear).


Daily schedule


0700 Breakfast

0745 range arrival

0800 class begins

1200 Lunch

1300 class resumes

1700 class ends

1800 Dinner

1900 Fireside chats.