Precision Rifle Hunter Long Range Wind Course. Civilian

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Advanced Graduate Students Only

Most technical terrain wind calls are not made with a Kestrel and relying on one will often lead to misses in difficult mountain terrain. If your Kestrel is your only source of wind information you face a serious handicap. Learning to ascertain what the wind is actually doing as a result of the terrain features can make or break you as a long range shooter.

This course is meant to wean you off the wind meter. It is meant to dial you in to your  your wind calls for long range and extended long range shots. You will attend this course as a means to make you more able to call wind adjustments on your own in a variety of terrains from flat or high angle ranges from 300-2500 yards. review here.

Your Kestrel should end up as something for training days rather than your sole source of wind data. 

You are expected to arrive at this course will your fundamentals dialed in as we will only be doing a brief check at the beginning of the day to make sure you haven't been applying bad habits. 

This course does NOT require a super duper sexy caliber and a .308 has its advantages in this course as it will force you to be even more accurate in your calls or face more misses. It is recommended that you have your own Kestrel weather machine or Kestrel Elite for this course as you will use it to confirm and record certain information throughout the day as we move from position to position. This information will then be used by you in the field at later dates as something for you to refer to either by memory or by looking at your notes. 

You will need to have a Sniper Data book with pages for drawing out your terrain features and note pages for recording data. You will leave the course making manual calls without a Kestrel to tell you wind speeds. You will be making accurate shots based on knowledge rather than a machine. 

Maximum four students per instructor

Must be in good physical condition as you will be making short hikes from position to position.

Courses will be available in the following conditions in various geographic regions:

British Columbia, Hope, BC High Angle Mountain

Idaho Falls region, High Desert Plateau 

Idaho Falls (Dubois), High Angle 

Salmon Idaho, High Angle Desert/Mountain