What We offer:

 "Thanks for the great time at the course. I can't wait to review my notes and get to practice some things.
..... It is great to get out in a group of people with similar interests and challenge yourself. (I got to shoot a 338 L for the first time in my life.)
Again loved the course. Keep up the good work!" -J

Beginner to Advanced

 full spectrum of firearms training for every level from beginner to advanced in topics related to long range shooting, pistol shooting, AR-15 type rifle training, land navigation, and much much more. 

This training goes far beyond firearms into the many peripheral skills necessary to make you a well prepared individual, officer, student, or prepared housewife, etc, etc..

Why we do what we do: 

Rangetech.us is a group of individuals with extensive Law Enforcement and Military backgrounds. We all have significant instructor experience and beyond most we are able to deliver results that few other companies do.

We want to share with you what we know and help you achieve your goals whether they are hunting, keeping your family safe, or providing your officers with better training in managing the public safely. 

Police Department/People Skills

We now offer POST CERTIFIED training for police department personal who wish to learn de-escalation and people management skills for dealing with the public on a day-to-day basis or during a crisis such as riots. Our main instructors in this field have extensive experience and have been involved in managing situations like the last riot in Vancouver, British Columbia for example. 

But what about the shooting? We still teach long range shooting but now we offer all distances ranging from 2 yards to >2000 yards. 

Shooting in any discipline is an amazing pursuit with the proper education; and a frustrating one without. Our aim as instructors is to save you the frustration while providing a highly enjoyable experience chock full of learning. For example we are able to condense civilian appropriate sniper course skills learned over three weeks into a couple of days to suit the modern long range hunter. This no easy feat but ours students obviously feel we do a good job as many return to our Advanced courses and ask for more once those are done.

Why you should take a course with us: Besides unmatched results for students we take a very personal, no attitude approach to teaching you. With a mixture of new technology, proven techniques, and innovation we offer what other schools don't. We keep classes small, personal, and simplified even with difficult subject matter. Our long range Classes are limited to a 4 to 1 student to instructor ratio for our beginner courses and a 2 to 1 student to instructor ratio for Advanced Courses. --The one thing we don't have is attitude. 

NOTE: Our pistol and long range courses have a maximum of 18 students per course with two to three instructors. 

How we teach: Our class materials are delivered to the student in a logical manner so that skills are built on skills built on fundamentals re-instilled in each student, so that by the time each day is done you have had ample experience to cement those skills repeatedly.

Our format is designed to be as simple as possible even if the knowledge from which it is derived is complicated.  

Course Locations USA

Available to travel to teach, Fees Apply. (Discounts Available for Local Courses.) 

Idaho Falls, ID Private Range

Boise, ID 

Salmon, ID Private Venue (Advanced Long range and tactical courses)



Course Locations Canada

South, Central Alberta (Private land)

Hope, British Columbia 

Merritt, BC

Possible new locations to be announced 2020

I signed up for the Challenger Long Range Rifle Class with Mike and right off the bat quickly realized he knows what he's talking about am very happy with the class and results. Once we got to the site he systematically went through all the gear and factors that need to be considered for a long range shot including my rifle which we found did not have the scope mounted properly. After he properly remounted my scope we started shooting and by the end of the day I was consistently hitting targets over 1000 yrds. I can assure you I won't miss again on the (mountain) goat of a lifetime."  - GT