Terminator TA 5/8-24 thread

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The TA Terminator muzzle brake is KG Gunkoted Black & opened out as standard to take a maximum calibre of the .338 Lapua Magnum.

The TA has the same body as the TE & TF except it has a 5/8 x 24 thread.

It is specifically manufactured to replace the factory Remington 700P, Tactical & Savage 338 Lapua Magnum & 300 Win Mag Ruger Precision Rifle muzzle brakes.

Easy DIY fit, no Gunsmithing required, using the locking nut to index it to the barrel.

TA with nut is 28mm, 1.1” diameter, 87mm, 3.4” long, 180 grams, 6.35 oz, 5/8 x 24 thread.

The nut will fit over a muzzle with a maximum diameter of 22.45mm, .883” at the thread shoulder

Ports are 90 degrees to the ground to reduce disturbance & are angled back away from the shooter to minimise shooter discomfort and maximise performance.

The standard through hole is for .338 & requires opening up to 0.025-0.030″ over bore size if fitted to larger calibres.

A handy tip is to carefully cut up an alloy drink can then put a strip of alloy between the spanner & the brake flats to help protect its finish, lube muzzle threads before installation

If you would like to use some Loctite or similar please put it on the brake only, not the nut.

The TA performance falls between the T3 & T4 Terminator Muzzle Brakes