Terminator T2B (1/2-28 in stock/all others back ordered)

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T2B Terminator muzzle brakes are KG Gun Koted & are designed for ..223 to 308 AR15, AR10 , Ruger Precision rifles etc on barrels up to 21mm diameter
The T2B Dimensions are, 21mm, 0.82” diameter, 62mm, 2.36” long.
The T2B ½ x 28 thread is clearanced for .224 & weighs 70 grams, 2.46 oz
The T2B 5/8 x 24 thread is clearanced for up to .308 & 60 grams, 2.1 oz
The T2 doesn’t have a top or bottom, has flats for a 19mm, ¾” spanner and so they can be easily DIY fitted with a crush washer.
Use a 23mm or 15/16 spanner to fit it.
A handy tip is to carefully cut up an alloy drink can to put a strip between the spanner & the brake flats to help protect its finish then lube the crush washer faces & muzzle threads before installation
Ports are 90 degrees to the ground to reduce disturbance. The ports are angled back away from the shooter to minimise shooter discomfort and maximise performance.
The T2B performance is the same as the T2 Terminator Muzzle Brake.230