Courses and training

"I signed up for the Challenger Long Range Rifle Class with Mike and right off the bat quickly realized he knows what he's talking about am very happy with the class and results. Once we got to the site he systematically went through all the gear and factors that need to be considered for a long range shot including my rifle which we found did not have the scope mounted properly. After he properly remounted my scope we started shooting and by the end of the day I was consistently hitting targets over 1000 yrds. I can assure you I won't miss again on the goat of a lifetime."  - GT

Why we do what we do:

Range shooting is an amazing pursuit with the proper education; and a frustrating one without. Our aim as instructors is to save you the frustration while providing a highly enjoyable experience chock full of learning. Condensing what sniper courses provide over three weeks into a couple of days is no easy feat but ours students obviously feel we do a good job as many return to our Advanced courses and ask for more when those are done.

Our experience teaching: With many students and classes behind us and many combined decades of experience to delve from we provide courses that will instill a solid foundation in the discipline of long range shooting from the absolute beginner all the way to the most advanced Instruction being brought to civilians. (Some of our Advanced materials may not even be taught to military personnel yet.)

Why you should take a course with us: We take a very personal, no attitude approach to teaching you. With a mixture of new technology, proven techniques, and innovation we offer what other schools don't. We keep classes small, personal, and simplified even with difficult subject matter. Classes are limited to a 4 to 1 student to instructor ratio for our beginner courses and a 2 to 1 student to instructor ratio for Advanced Courses.

How we teach: Our class materials are delivered to the student in a manner that skills are built on skills and fundamentals re-instilled in each student, so that by the time each day is done you have had ample experience to cement those skills repeatedly. Our format is designed to be as simple as possible even if the knowledge from which it is derived is complicated. 

Niceties: Advanced courses include either a camp smoked tri-tip, brisket, BBQ beans dinner, or a dinner at one of the very notable restaurants in the Eastern Idaho area, IE Big Judds Burgers (featured on Diners, Drives, and Drive-thrus), or Grandpa's BBQ (Real home cooked southern BBQ) For those traveling in from out of state we also include a home-cooked breakfast at our family home in Rexburg, ID in order to make sure you're fueled up for an excellent day of shooting. 

We aim to provide anything you might need in order to have a great experience.--no request is too big or too small! 

Getting here and where to lay your head at night:

We are here to help so fear not if you're coming in from out of state or even out of country. We will provide transportation from the local airports if needed. We recommend staying at the AmerINN by Wyndham located in Rexburg, ID.. 

Note: Several options are available for air flight into our area. One can fly into Idaho Falls via connecting flights from Salt Lake City or Boise; or if you would like you can  fly into either of these major cities and rent a car. This is worthwhile, even if it's a few hours drive because there is much to see in our Idaho area. Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are both within an hour to an hour and a half. Jackson, Wyoming, and the world famous Bar-J Wranglers cowboy fare and live cowboy music are both notable places to visit. So, make the most of it and make an entire experience out of visiting our area. 


"Thanks for the great time at the course. I can't wait to review my notes and get to practice some things.
..... It is great to get out in a group of people with similar interests and challenge yourself. (I got to shoot a 338 L for the first time in my life.)
Again loved the course. Keep up the good work!" -J


Advanced Course 2018 Coordinated Tripod fire drills. 

Prone shooting to 2000plus yards.