Ukraine and Taiwan, Biden leading the two to the slaughter.

Biden Fails in holding back Russia, China threatens USA over Taiwan, Russia posturing, Russian troops, Taiwan at risk, ukraine -

Ukraine and Taiwan, Biden leading the two to the slaughter.


President Biden has engaged in another "deeply concerned" press conference siege while Putin and Xi Jinping threaten and cajole the world  into a letting them have their way. Meanwhile the US is wavering on whether to send warships into the BlackSea to try and stave off an attack on Ukraine.

In the South China Sea China is engaged in harassing flights near Taiwan causing Taiwanese fighters to be scrambled daily. Just two days ago China flew 25 warplanes into the Taiwanese defense zone leading many to believe that the new Russian/Chinese agreement is about more than neighborly relations.

Near Ukraine roughly half a million troops are postured to attack or at least intimidate the west from allowing Ukraine to join NATO but they may actually be forcing NATO to absorb Ukraine earlier than would've been the case. Across Russia it is rumored that Russian nukes are out of storage and primed for war. 

It is obvious to all but the most casual observer that the two nations are combining strengths to seize power from the USA. What remains to be seen is whether this current Ukrainian Taiwanese situation leads to a hot war or stays the same with the world's biggest pissing contest. 

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