The last thing on you preparedness list should now be first.

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For the masses of gun owners in the USA and Canada the first thing on their mind is always "buy more guns" but in reality it should be, "get really good with a couple of guns, really really really good!", and train with your gear. Train in your #shotstop body armor with plates, mags, flashlight, radio, water, first aid kit, and whatever else you plan to carry on you should you find yourself in Mogadishu, cough, I mean Seattle, cough Austin, cough Provo...or any of these bumbpiss Democratic held city/slums. Heck, maybe you're just traveling along the highway home from work or at work, or it's the middle of the night on a freeway blockaded by thugs with guns. What are you gonna do? Do you have the training and know how and the protective gear to allow you to survive to get yourself and your family to safety. 

If, you're still with me and you're thinking of what you're missing from your preps here are a few suggestions you might want to think about. 

The first one is always the toughest: Budget. What you can afford in these difficult Covid times with many people struggling financially. Maybe a full plate carrier with all the tactical goodies isn't in your near future but you still need something to protect yourself against knife and gun attacks. 

The second one is a little trickier: Location.

Do you live in the city or the countryside? How far from work do you live? What's your local political climate like? Are you police more likely to shoot you for wearing tac gear to egress out of a situation then to help you? Do you have a wife and kids that you drive with frequently through some of these now dangerous areas? (Avoiding these areas is always best but maybe you're on the road when something breaks out) The last question brings us back to the budget. Do you need to protect multiple family members? If so maybe a backpack plate for each person makes more sense than a full on tactical kit. For myself, this is the option that I believe makes more sense for most people. It's economical, concealable, and very light making it right for even children to carry; and with all the murders of children lately this is so important. Imagine being caught in cross fire and being able to through their backpack over their carseat knowing they're way more likely to survive. Imagine seeing it saved them. 

The third one might leave you feeling a little butt hurt but be honest. Do you even train with gear?

Have you got tactical training or even time to get it? Most have to honestly say no to all of these questions.--if they're really honest. 

There are plenty of great instructors out there who are more than willing to train you well but maybe borrowing gear for the first few courses might make more sense till you figure out what you need. I for one went with the cheapest of the ShotStop rifle defeating plate systems because I do have some training from LE but even so I still re-examine my set up frequently and may upgrade my plates to the ShotStop Green Tip stopping plates at some point. 

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