Shot Stop body armor for when lives are on the line

Posted by Michael Warn on

As, a law enforcement officer for many years I was never given the option to select my own body armor, nor could I afford it on a government salary. The armor at the time was also extremely heavy, bulky, cumbersome, and deteriorated in just a few years leaving one wondering if it was just a fancy suit and not much more. 

Well, along came a company into my life called SHOTSTOP and with their prices, their fifteen year warranty, light weight, and flotational plates I was sold on them. I was even more impressed when I saw video of their plates defeating .338 Lapua and 50 BMG from near point blank range. This left me feeling really confident in the armor plates which made it an easy and quick decision to take them on and start selling SHOT-STOP body armor through our business. 

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