Road Kill and Learning How To Be Hard to kill

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Road Kill and Learning How To Be Hard to kill

Amid this Covid-19 nonsense I’m pleased to tell you that “T” and I are alive and well. I am still working and life is the same as always. The only exception is that Teal is now homeschooling. Homeschooling has been a blessing and a curse. It’s a challenge to work a full shift, come home and still have enough energy to be an engaging and present educator. 


We hit a deadlock last week. It was clear that we both needed a break. I decided that a drive would be enjoyable. My local area is all private agriculture use, and it was a perfect evening for a drive on the backroads. Well I happened to find a cock pheasant dead on the road. We stopped and I inspected it. It was fresh that day, and in great shape despite being hit by a car. 


We first stopped at the grocery store and bought Borax and then Teal and I returned home with our bird. I began the chore of skinning and boraxing the bird. “T” was at my side the whole time. She was completely amerced and full of question. It was hard to keep her hands off the feathers while I was skinning. They looks like the most beautiful treasures like she’d never seen. And she right! There’s nothing like the She helped me with adding borax to the hide. I showed the contents of the crop and it’s significance. 


Her best question though was “why”. Why are we bringing roadkill into our home and preserving the feathers. I told “T” that the feathers were fly tying (she squealed with excitement at the word of fly tying and fishing) and that her and I could make a special craft with the remaining feathers. “T” knows that fishing is a source of our food. It’s vital for our health. I explained that I’m teaching her how to be self sufficient. That she is learning the skills of her life. That she will grow to be a woman who’s hard to kill. 



I did not realize how bored “T” was till I turned around and she was holding the bird and petting it like it were a pet. 

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