My First Time

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My First Time

...long range shooting. 


I woke up at 4am the first morning and headed south to the meet up location in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. We then drove further up FSR’s to the shooting location.


We were on top of the world. I could see mountain tops that I’d climbed in the past. It was a 360 degree view, for as far as you could see. We were literally in an undisclosed snipers paradise in the Cascade Mountains. 


The next two days were spent with the guys from learning and shooting, snacks, some more learning, badass positional shooting and finished with practical adjustments for weather as the middle of the last day was WINDY! 


My fellow students and I filled in on the spotting scope when the instructors were working with us. There was a constant channel of communication between students and the instructors. With a team of 6 people behind you, it’s incredible what you can accomplish. 


Jon was incredible. The kind of older guy that you’d really want for a neighbour. He was unworldly knowledgable, and had us all shooting to 1367 yards in a matter of a day. This was the first time I’d ever shot over 100 yards! One student even shot the 2000 yard marker


Mike, was the tech guy. He had numbers, and handheld devices that I’m pretty sure predict the future because he’d tell you what to do and BOOM, you hit the target. 


The guys were speaking in technical long range lingo but it didn’t take me long the pick up the language. We were all given a “bible” with any necessary formulas need for reticle adjustments for long range shooting. 


 Beyond just shooting, everything about the course was incredible. Our camping and shooting spot had a view that was to die for. The evening was cold and blustery as an intense fog rose to our elevation. We were warmed up by a dinner that Mike prepared of smoked pork loin sandwiches. Mike’s heeler, Chloe was a pleasure around camp, like a mountain hostess that wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable and not home sick. 


The best part of the weekend for me was the end. Not because it was over, but driving out and off the mountain to our targets was surreal. Looking back to where I shot from and see the vast distances put it all into perspective. Or further out perspective, really. I counted 3 valleys between my furthest target and the shooting spot. 


Had I not received the training, seen my shot hit, have 2-3 spotters communicate a confirmed hit, I would not have imagined I could shoot the distances I was. It all added to the whole experience. I left the mountain with a whole lot of confidence in my spot-and-stalk .

I guess long range shooting isn’t just a boys club anymore. 

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