If you shoot a buck, I get ice cream.

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If you shoot a buck, I get ice cream.


“The precarious rewards of hunting with a 5 year old” 


It is no secret that my 5 year old daughter “Tee” knows where her food comes from. She’s been at hunting camps since she was 4 months old. She has a better knowledge of where her protein comes from and the process of harvesting it then where any vegetable in our fridge came from. The girl just loves to fish and hunt. 


“Tee” isn't particularly a great hunting partner. She sleeps ALOT. “Tee” eats most of the snacks and gets bored quite easily. Although it is sometimes short lived, she has an incredible interest in the hunt, the process of the harvest, and the science behind conservation and ecology. 


“Tee” and I were lucky to harvest a 2-point muley in October. We were in an any- buck season and I’d been playing cat and mouse with this guy for a couple days. He had around 10 does with him any day. I’d watched him and his does for 3 evenings. They moved and fed like clockwork. 


One Sunday morning in October I decided to see what they were up to. I packed up my gear and “Tee” and we headed out. As I was backing out of the driveway, “Tee” said from the backseat, “If you shoot a buck, then I get ice cream.” I laughed and said you betcha! 


I drove to our walk-in spot. I glassed, and right away spotted a couple does feeding. I knew the rest of the does and the buck would be in a small tree’d area. Teal and I walked east to west into the wind. We passed 2 more does feeding on our way into the brush. It wasn’t difficult to find the buck. The difficulty was trying to set myself up for a shot without blowing every doe out of there because I was moving myself and a small child around through the brush!


But with ALOT of patience I got my shot. “Tee” and I managed to stalk within 30 yards of our buck. I could not have asked for better shot placement. “Tee” was there and helped with the process of field dressing. As usual she was full of questions. A quick call to my dad, and we had the buck out of the bush and home. 


My dad, is a grandpa. And grandpas have a tendency of teasing. On this particular day he was trying to get a reaction out of “Tee”. That evening he was asking me why I shot Bambi. My dad is a hunter and trapper so he was purely just trying to see what my daughter would say. Well, the little one got fed up after a while. She got up from her spot, snuggled on the couch with my dad and said to him, 


“Poppa, we are going to eat Bambi! He is our meat. We are in Canada. It’s our freedom.” 


No word of a lie, that is what my 5 year old daughter told her grandfather. Amongst the many things I have learned from hunting and being around my patriotic daughter, she has taught me that if you are patient and wait your time, you can achieve anything you want. Because, as we were leaving my fathers house that evening, she asked from the backseat, “I get ice cream right?”


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