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Amid this Covid-19 nonsense I’m pleased to tell you that “T” and I are alive and well. I am still working and life is the same as always. The only exception is that Teal is now homeschooling. Homeschooling has been a blessing and a curse. It’s a challenge to work a full shift, come home and still have enough energy to be an engaging and present educator.    We hit a deadlock last week. It was clear that we both needed a break. I decided that a drive would be enjoyable. My local area is all private agriculture use, and...

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...long range shooting.    I woke up at 4am the first morning and headed south to the meet up location in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. We then drove further up FSR’s to the shooting location.   We were on top of the world. I could see mountain tops that I’d climbed in the past. It was a 360 degree view, for as far as you could see. We were literally in an undisclosed snipers paradise in the Cascade Mountains.    The next two days were spent with the guys from RangeTech.us learning and shooting, snacks, some more learning, badass positional...

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